what types of music do you play?

Luna Strings can play almost anything you want, from Chopin and Liszt to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Led Zeppelin. For most events, we draw from our library of classical music, traditional songs, and tunes from the 1930s and 1940s. If your dream has always been to walk down the aisle to Pachelbel's "Canon in D", we can make it come true.

However, we pride ourselves on also being able to create unique special arrangements at your request. Our music list has recently expanded to include requested selections from artists like Michael Jackson, REM and Coldplay, as well as music from recent popular movies and TV shows. If you have a favorite song or a favorite genre that you don't see on our list, don't hesitate to contact us—chances are we can make it happen!

I love the sound of strings, but i'm not very familiar with classical music. How do I choose the music for my event?

There are several different ways we can help you do this. You are welcome to contact us for a list of where we will be playing over the next few months so you can come hear us live. We also have a detailed music list available on the website, along with a number of videos taken at our recent performances. We are also happy to provide free consultation services via email or phone. Alternatively, we can also arrange to meet with you in person for a nominal extra fee.

Will you play outdoors?

Yes, as long as conditions allow us to perform to the best of our ability and keep our instruments protected. When performing outdoors, weather is a concern for us, and as such we cannot play outside in direct sunlight, if it is raining and there is no cover, or if temperatures are below 55 degrees.

How much space do you need? What do we need to provide for you?

In most cases, all we need provided at the venue are armless chairs and enough flat ground for the three of us to play comfortably. We bring our own stands and stand lights. We do not need to be amplified for indoor events unless the room is exceptionally large. For larger outdoor weddings (250+ guests) and other events, one microphone placed in the middle of the group helps us project loudly enough for all your guests to enjoy the music.

For what other types of events has your group performed?

The members of our group are all extremely versatile musicians who perform frequently and have played all over the world. We've performed in orchestras, theater productions, with rock bands, and also for bar/bat mitzvahs, receptions, cocktail hours, business openings and holiday parties! We have played in venues as diverse as four-star hotels and popular bars and nightclubs. We also maintain active private studios and work frequently with students of all ages.

How do we book you for our event, and how far in advance should we book your group?

Once you decide you want to book Luna Strings, we will email you a contract to reserve your preferred date and time. As soon as you return the contract to us with a non-refundable deposit, we're all yours! We generally book events six to eight months in advance, but depending on the season, can often work on as short as a couple of weeks notice. We usually do not book more than one year in advance.

Can you recommend any other vendors for my event?

We can definitely work with you to recommend other vendors for your event—we know several great event planners, photographers and videographers! Check our links for some suggestions on where to start.

Are references available for your group?

Absolutely! Several testimonials from satisfied clients are available on our website, and if you are interested in speaking with one of them personally, we will be happy to put you in touch with someone for whom we have worked.