ceremony music guide

We created this music guide to provide you with a detailed resource that will help you select your soundtrack for your special day. The best place to begin is by asking “what type of music do I like?” and "do I have any 'must have’s'?" We have a diverse collection of music and genres to choose from and can create a wedding song list to match any client's tastes. We have divided our music list into genres so you may review what selections we have available in each genre. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us as we may have the music available.  Our complete list of music divided by genre can be found here.


Special requests not on our music list may also be possible for an additional fee and minimum advance notice of eight weeks. We need time to make your dream soundtrack come to life!


Listed below are the events that generally take place in a wedding ceremony along with selection tips and listening samples of commonly requested pieces.


Looking for our full music list?



Bridal Party Processionals (Mothers, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, etc.)

(Typically, the mothers and grandmothers are seated to a piece of music with a slower tempo than the music selected for the processional of the bridal party.)



Bridal Processional

(We’ve listed some of our most popular requests, but more so than any other part of your ceremony, this should be a piece of music that means something to you.)



unity candle

(Any piece of music with a slower tempo, quieter overall dynamic, or “introspective” feel works well here.)




(Happy music!  Brisk tempos, “upbeat” sound, major keys, louder dynamics.)



Jewish ceremony music